Rosko Taint LP

by Rosko Taint




Originally written and recorded throughout 2011, and released on 11/11/12, this album has been remixed and remastered exactly two years later.

The project is an autobiographical triumph. Pushing for an actualization of his inspiration, Rosko performed drums, bass, guitar, piano and vocals as a means to realize his vision.

"Do Was a Deer" official music video:

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released 11 November 2014

Samuel Arthur Abelow aka Rosko Taint (all performances, mixing, mastering, etc. except where noted otherwise)

Contributions from:

Carlyn Vellante (photography)
Luke Clerkin (visual consultant)
David Abelow (mixing consultant)
Justine Abelow (mixing consultant)
Larry Edoff (vocal consultant)
Gene Pino (guitar consultant on "Blood and Tears", "Do Was a Deer" and "Birth Certificate. mixing consultant)
Jack Shelton (arrangement consultant "Zoe and the Songs from Mars". psychological support and artistic encouragement)
Tyler Karmen (drums on "Today")
Jeff Moss (guitar on "Butterflies")
Jake Sumberg (harmony vocals on "Blood and Tears")



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Nostalgia
I touch your fingertips; I touch your soul again; and when we collide it's in the earth.
I see the paint; colors seem to swim. When I'm with you that's all there is.

I got you
My God I do.

Where you found when I lost you? Do we ever come back-
I'm forgetting now.
Did I loose a trade, or did we make a shift?
If life is just a game, then I don't feel swift.

I lost you
I forgot you and everything you do.
Track Name: Song for Molly
I want to kiss your lips and peer into your irises.
So I can feel the pain that lead you to my plane.
So I could fly again; you did this on a whim.
And you'll leave again when you meet a better friend.

I love your face.

And Molly, is that your name?
And Molly, do you know I'm insane?

I want to love again; in you i see a friend.
But I don't know how to have faith in you.
Sorry if I came on strong- I've been lonely for too long.
I think that's why you said you wanna see me smile.

I love your face.

And Molly, I love to talk.
But Molly, I've got no clock.

So, I'll just waste your time.
Track Name: Rosko Taint
Wash it all away; tears begin to fade into dust (stars).
Lovely, you are the thing I need in my life.

Walking away; picking up the pieces of my brain.
I'm alive again- words I can express to 'them'
Track Name: Butterflies
We're two butterflies- just you and I.
I'm your sitting king, it's something from a dream.
Fall into my arms; fall into my (heart)
Sink into the earth; sink into the night.

What is your flavor- let me taste your skin.
How did you get here- tell me everything.

I'm yours till I die; I'll love you till I die.
What the future holds- I'm not standing all alone
You're always in this scene right next to me.

How do I love you? Is there something deep inside?
You say I don't know how to. Well you'll find out tonight.
What are we doing- can I tell you how I feel.
[I'm] Stuck in the shackles. Would you break me out of here?
Track Name: Ouch
Take it easy all summer long. Today I saw how to love you.
Today I found my feelings deepen- my knees weaken.
Thoughts of you throughout the day; my heart is speaking it's full of meaning.

I Love you so much it hurts. C'mon and lock the door.

You say tomorrow let's smoke pot. I love that a lot- please never stop.
And, in the morning I'll call you. It's something new saying I know you…
Track Name: Blood and Tears
I would give all my blood and tears just to have you here in my arms.
And, I'm torn into bits about this shift in my life.

Come to me let's smoke a spliff. Let me tell you no one loves you like this.
Walk with me, let's share a kiss- summer moonlight on your lips
All these changes are coming quick; the kind of love that makes me sick.
And, I can't help but think of you- there is nothing left to do.

Run with me, we'll jump cliffs. Let's see the light in this.
Honey sweet as can be- you are what I've always dreamed.

Honey, blood and tears.
Track Name: Vulnerability
You're so far away- when I look into your face.
Like you knew just what'd I'd say but i did it anyway.

When I peer into your eyes I know that you have lied.
I see spirit in your face. Left alone just incase…

In a dream I saw you; then I searched and I found you.
Through the darkness outstretched arms- there is something on your palm.
Track Name: Today
I tried and I failed- that's okay.
I rise and I fall- what's today?
I tell you I love you, you're sorry- so sorry.
You tell all your friends; it dont phase me.

Breaking out of my own.

That noise in your bones, that's just fake.
That light in your eyes, that's not fate.
Track Name: Do Was a Deer
Do was a deer, Do was a friend and nothing else.
And, go to the place where we where born and always stayed.

And, God where do you go to forget the code, and let it all go?
And, God where do I go to find her soul, and finally let go?

It goes on.

Wait for the sound because it's always at your feet.
And, we are old now; nothings new and it's all the same.

Don't you wanna know-
I guess not

And, we are dead. I am dying in my sleep.
And, she is walking. She is crawling over me.
Track Name: Cannabis Milk
Cannabis Milk can you read my mind? Cannabis Milk: THC's inside.
If I want you I can have you. If i want you I will have you.
High… Low…

Cannbis MIlk in my mind. I am tired all the time.

In the garden; in the forest… drink my seed and you will love it.
High… Low...
Track Name: Zoe and the Songs from Mars
Heard a story once before about a girl who saved the world.
[She] made the Aliens go away so we could live better days again.
Had an interview with an Alien. [I] saw his skin shape-shifting again.

Isn't always a drag?
Isn't it all…

It's Zoe and the Songs from Mars.

Isn't it always a guess now…
Isn't it all…

Zoe and the Songs from Mars.
It's Zoe...
Track Name: Birth Certificate
I was born yesterday, suddenly.
You where there watching from above.
My father said "welcome to the world".

Doesn't it always say 'Our Names'

I took flight in the night with the light.

I dont wanna hear it anymore.
Track Name: Home
Touching your body, feeling the motions.
Into your eyes- that's all I notice.
If 'nothing is real'- then what does it matter?
If that's how I feel, then that's all I know.

You make me feel at home when I'm far away.

Into your heart- feel an emotion.
We're moving slow but time moves faster.

Take it off.

Nothing feels as real as what did last night.